Who are we?

A team of 150 driven Amazon professionals based in Logan, Utah and Indianapolis, Indiana.  We’ve been selling on Amazon since 1999 and through the Fulfillment By Amazon program since 2009.  We’ve grown to be the largest Amazon seller by several measures; having the widest assortment of active SKUs, managing over 200 brands, and more! As we’ve evolved, we’ve taken on many names: The Book Table, The BT Group, River Runners, and TBT, and we have settled with BuyBoxer.

 Our store in downtown Logan, circa 1995.

Our Logan, Utah storefront circa 1995.


What do we believe in?

We believe in unique, efficient software tools. We produce our own, integrate others’ and continually sharpen both to outperform the competition. We believe in being fair and transparent to our suppliers and partners.  Like Amazon, we ask, “What’s best for the Amazon customer?” and work from there. Where are we going? Up and to the right.